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marine animals - Hippocampus kuda universal time, time zones card, UTC
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root Sipuncula / Chordatiere / Chordates  
class Osteichthyes / Knochenfische / Bony Fish  
    order   Syngnathiformes / Pfeifenfische und Seepferdchen / pipefishes and seahorses  
       family  Sngnathidae / Seenadeln-Seepferdchen / Pipefishes and seahorses   family show !
latin name
Picture type dissemination
Hippocampus kuda
german name
Kuda Seepferdchen
english name
Spotted seahorse
discoverer Bleeker, 1852
size 30 cm
risk Not dangerous!
occurrence Amerikanisch-Samoa, Andamanensee, Australien, Bahrain, China, Fidschi, Französisch-Polynesien, Gesellschaftsinseln (Society Islands), Golf von Oman, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Indien, Indischer Ozean, Indonesien, Indopazifik, Irak, Japan, Java, Jordanien, Kambodscha, Katar, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Malediven, Mauritius, Mikronesien, Molukken, Neukaledonien, Pakistan, Palau, Papua-Neuguinea, Philippinen, Salomon-Inseln, Samoa, Saudi-Arabien, Singapur, Sri Lanka, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Tahiti, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate, Vietnam
description Most kudas are not recognized as such because it is difficult for the layperson to determine.
The animals usually have small threads of skin on their snouts.
The horses all prefer live feed, with luck they will eat Mysis over time.
Seahorses should be kept in a separate tank as they are slow eaters and fish can steal their food.
The conditions in the aquarium should be tailored to you - species tanks with a height of at least 50 cm.
Similar living animals, for example pipefish, are suitable for socialization.
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