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Kinorhyncha  (Hakenrüssler)   Kinorhyncha

The hooked weevil (Kinorhyncha) form a phylum of worm-like organisms within the moulting animals (Ecdysozoa). Their closest phylogenetic relatives are probably the priapsworms (Priapulida) and corset animals (Loricifera), with which they are combined in a taxon Scalidophora. Hooked weevils were first classified on the French Channel coast in 1841 and were given their current scientific name in 1887 by zoologist W. Reinhard. They have remained a rather obscure group and largely unexplored to this day; only one gene from a single species has been sequenced to date.
root  Kinorhyncha (Hakenrüssler) Kinorhyncha
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