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Ctenophora  (Rippenquallen)   Ctenophora

Ctenophores are a classic with the cnidaria phylum to the coelenterates summary. Ctenophores are in their natural habitat very delicate and graziele animals that have already impressed many viewers with its elegance and beauty. Although they look superficially like jellyfish, they are not a genuine zoological jellyfish, not least because they are absent for these characteristic stinging cells. The more than 100 species of comb jellyfish worldwide coverage in the oceans and represent a significant share of the regional total plankton biomass. Some species such as native in the North Sea sea gooseberry can occur in such high numbers that they clog up as an unwanted by-catch, the fishing nets of coastal fishermen, other species are opposed by only a few specimens known. The very fragile construction of the ctenophores difficult to study their way of life significantly; ages are for this reason is not available, although it is known that ctenophores before reaching their adult size may begin with reproduction, and thus presumably have a short generation cycle.
root  Ctenophora (Rippenquallen) Ctenophora
   Atentaculata  (Nuda )   Nuda
   Tentaculata  (Tentaculata)   Tentaculata
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