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Platyhelminthes  (Plattwürmer)   Flatworms

flatworms are generally surrounded by a skin muscular tube that meets the support function of the body. In this tube there is no cavity. All organs are stored in the connective tissue. The intestine ends mostly blind, for some parasites, however, he is completely degenerated. They possess a strand-nervous system. Two lying on the ventral side nerves connect to the front of the head side to ganglia. Ultimately dispose Flatworms neither a blood or circulatory system or on institutions for the exchange of gases with their environment. How to feed already mentioned, flatworms in two ways: once parasitärisch and even predatory. They are hermaphroditic plants and sexually gone. The free-living species are frequently found in fresh water and sea to rocky coasts and reefs. By the fact that many flatworms parasites, they naturally focus on major damage, which is a problem, because their hosts usually more highly developed vertebrates.
root  Platyhelminthes (Plattwürmer) Flatworms
   Cestoda  (Bandwürmer )   Cestoda
   Monogenea  (Hakensaugwürmer)   Monogenea
   Trematoda  (Saugwürmer)   Trematoda
   Turbellaria  (Strudelwürmer)   Turbellaria
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