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Cnidaria  (Nesseltiere)   Cnidarians

Cnidarians are jellyfish or polyps and medusae are up to 96% water and are most primitive life forms. Food intake over the complete body of features without any organs. Most cnidaria feed from smallest organic beings that you mostly with your tentacles wrap around and stun with nettle poison. Some of the jellyfish are sometimes fatal to humans. After contact, the nettle toxins cause severe skin irritation to Schwehr paralysis.
root  Cnidaria (Nesseltiere) Cnidarians
   Anthozoa  (Blumentiere)   Anthozoa
   Cubozoa  (Würfelquallen )   Box jellyfish
   Hydrozoa  (Hydrozoen)   Hydrozoa
   Scyphozoa   (Schirmquallen)   Scyphozoa
   Scyphozoa  (Schirmquallen)   Scyphozoa
   Staurozoa  (Stielquallen)   stalked jellyfishes
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