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Arthropoda  (Gliederfüßer)   Arthropods

The most typical and eponymous feature of the chordates (about 48 600 species), the "notochord", an elastic axis of the rod extends below the spinal cord. Even in higher vertebrates, the notochord is replaced by the vertebral bodies. The original live as chordates Strudler, so are the gill slits of the foregut perforations as a characteristic feature, which itself occurs in mammals still in the embryonic development. In the similar consideration of the development of the various germs chordates, the common basic plan of all members of this tribe is recognized.
root  Arthropoda (Gliederfüßer) Arthropods
   Branchiopoda  (Blattfußkrebse)   Phyllopods
   Cephalocarida  (Cephalocarida)   Cephalocarida
   Malacostraca  (Höhere Krebse)   Malacostraca
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