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Ship Name MV Laura Security
owner Malaconstas S.A., Panama City
ship bulk
yard Karlstads Varv, Karlstad
wreck photo wreck sketch World Map
length 57.9 m
width 8.5 m
tonnage 63 BRT
launch ..1874
Sunken 1983.04.22
depth 0 m
Longitude / Latitude
1.316363° 104.8619°
History The M/V Laura Security was built in 1956 as the 486 GRT. cargo ship Baltica at Karlstad Varv AB (Yard No. 137), Karlstad, Sweden, for Malmö Rederi AB, Malmö, Sweden. She had a length of 57.76 meters, beam of 8.64 meters, and draught of 3.33 meters. Propulsion was provided by a 5-cylinder “Alpha” diesel and single shaft for a speed of 11 knots.
The Baltica changed owners and names at various times throughout her rather uneventful career. One exception is that while still owned by Malmö Rederi AB, on 01 April 1964, the ship ran aground at Hasslo, an archipelago of Karisdrona, Sweden, and was refloated with assistance from the salvage tug Atlas and rescue boat Hjalparen.
In 1965 the Baltica was transferred to Rederi AB Svea, Stockholm, Sweden (The SVEA Line), when Malmö Rederi AB was either purchased by SVEA or the company became a subsidiary. In 1969 the ship was sold to Partrederi R Dehlin, Visby, Sweden, and renamed Baltic.
Sold in 1972 to Alvar Olsson, Varberg, Sweden, and again later that same year to W. Gothenius, Goteborg, Sweden. And then sold yet again in 1972 to Argo Mar Co, Ltd, Greece and renamed the Niki.
In 1981 the Niki changed owners again twice that same year. First to K. Karafotias SA, Greece, and then to Malacontas SA, Panama, and renamed Laura Security. On 22 April 1983 the Laura Security was bound to Ras Shukhier from Suez with a cargo of fuel oil when she ran aground and was stranded off of Ras Shukhier. She was written off as a total constructive loss.
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