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Ship Name Lara
owner Ester Shipping Co. Ltd., Limassol
ship merchant ship
yard Howaldtswerke A. G., Kiel
wreck photo wreck sketch World Map
length 137.5  m
width 18 m
tonnage 4752 BRT
launch Tue.05.2022
country Zypern
Sunken Fri.12.1981
depth 0 m
Longitude / Latitude
The Lara began life as the 7,103 GRT refrigerated cargo ship Nopal Trader built at KIELER Howaldtswerke AG (Yard No. 1046), Kiel, Germany for the Northern Pan-America Line, Norway (NOPAL Line). Launched 11 September 1956. She was 137.5 meters in length, 18 meters in beam, with propulsion provided by a diesel engine and single shaft for a top speed of 16 knots. In the service of the NOPAL Line, the Nopal Trader sailed between New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Houston, Texas, USA; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Santos, Brazil; Montevideo, Uraguay; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1978 the ship was sold and renamed the Krohn Trader. Then, in 1978, she was sold twice and renamed first, the Aghios Lefteris, and then the Crest Lion. Finally, in 1980, she was sold yet again and renamed the Lara. In November 1982, the Lara was southbound through the Straits of Tiran and ran hard aground on the northern side of Jackson Reef at postion 28° 00′ 43″ N / 34° 28′ 26″ E where she still remains today. It has been long suspected that the ship was intentionally grounded as part of an insurance scam, however, this has never been proven. The ship was declared a constructive total loss and remained aground on the reef ever since. There are rumours that someone remained onboard the ship for the next 2 years leading to even more rumours of drug smuggling. In the mid-1990’s there were some salvage efforts conducted which resulted in much of the external hull plating being removed, and much of the wreck being cut off and allowed to drop into deep water. As a result, what now lies atop Jackson Reef is a skeleton of the former ship.  
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