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Ship Name Aida
owner Egyptian Government
ship steel screw steamer
yard Ateliers & Chantiers De La Loire, Nantes
wreck photo wreck sketch World Map
length 82,10 m
width 10,56 m
tonnage 1428 BRT
launch Thu.07.2022
country gypten
Sunken Sun.02.1957
depth 25 - 60 m
Longitude / Latitude
26° 18' 73" N / 34° 50' 71" E
On September 15, 1957 in a heavy storm, the captain decided, despite several warnings to drive anyway and tried to moor at Big Brother. He struck the reef. The Aida startet sinking rapidly and the captain had no choice but to leave the ship with his crew and give it up. A rescue boat could still be released and it was still able to secure all 77 sailors before the Aida sank.  
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