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Ship Name Saint George
ship battleship
wreck photo wreck sketch World Map
length 23,5 m
width  m
tonnage  BRT
launch Thu.01.1970
country Dominikanische Republik
Sunken Sun.01.1992
depth 15 -40 m
Longitude / Latitude
59°10'.000 N 156°30'.000 W
Wreck diving is also possible in the Caribbean Sea off the Dominican Republic. Not far from Bayahibe, a 73-meter-long steel hoist, known as the St.-Georges Wreck (named after the famous Hurricane of 1998), is located at a depth of 15 to 44 meters. The morbid atmosphere of a real ghost ship makes the wreck a truly worthwhile dive destination. Over the underside, divers can dive into the wreck and float through the large cargo spaces that contain large sheet metal propellers, pumps, heaters and drives. Also three decks of the crew accommodations and the bridge can be explored. Since this freighter has been sunk for beta testing and the doors and hatches have been removed, it is also ideal for wreckage beginners.  
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