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marine animals - Cyerce elegans universal time, time zones card, UTC
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root Sipuncula / Weichtiere / Molluscs  
class Gastropoda / Schnecken / Snails  
    order   Sacoglossa / Schlundsackschnecken /   
       family  Caliphyllidae / Caliphyllidae / Caliphyllidae   family show !
latin name
Picture type dissemination
Cyerce elegans
german name
english name
Elegant Sapsucking Slug
discoverer Bergh, 1870
size 4 cm
risk Not dangerous!
occurrence Indopazifik, Papua-Neuguinea, Philippinen.
description Cyerce elegans deserves its name elegant Cyerce rightly. Their pillow-like, transparent cerata are yellowish, brownish or creamy and often show intense iridescent green spots.This network of dots and lines may be absent in juvenile specimens.Cyerce elegans lives predominantly in habitats overgrown with Halimeda kanaloana and Halimeda idea algae, of which they are also feeds. It occurs at depths of 10-18 m. Rocky areas are rarely populated, but were also documented.
Cyerce elegans is mostly nocturnal.
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